Wednesday, December 9, 2009

losing days

i've been having a hard time keeping up with life lately. i hear thats normal when pregnant while taking care of a 1 year old.
i'm starting to get those panicky nesting urges but its still too far out to do anything i really want to do. like wash all the baby clothes and teeny tiny diapers. i'll just have to wash them all again if i do it now. maybe i'll sort everything and that will help the itch.
please give me easy recipies i can make and freeze before the new baby comes, i'm freaking a little about food ideas.

i am once again going to re do part of the house. i hate our living room right now. it's our office right now and i want it to be more cozy and living room like. we are going to take the desks out and get a hide away desk for me to put in my corner and maybe a collapsable drafting table for craig incase he wants to take a painting home. also, super exciting we have decided on a couch! revolutionary!
so now i need to find a way to get lots and lots of money so i can make all these dreams come true. anyone want to make a donation?
lots of projects i want to start but i just stall out, i have no energy for anything other than survival right now, super dissapointing to me right now. i have two soakers for the new baby that need to be finished that just sit at my desk staring angry at me and all i can do is try to avoid them all day, every day. not to mention the sewing binder and knitting binder that havent been opened in months. months! i hate it!
ugh... someday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


have i named a title that yet? because that is how i have felt the last few weeks.
like i can barely keep my eyes open.

sorry about not blogging, i have been trying to cut down my internet time and i have been neglecting a few things on here. i need to prioritize.

i will try to get pictures up from the party over the next few days, it was fun and hilarious and i love my friends and family.

speaking of family, a bunch came over last night, for food and catching up. it was wonderful to have so many of my favorite people in my house, i felt so grown up! even though i had to break out the folding chairs to accommodate everyone!

so my next goal is pictures, one step at a time
lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Click to enlarge

everyone is invited to ZOEY'S 1st. BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!
if anyone has any suggestions for easy food and drink, please comment.

if you would like a hard copy of the invite sent to you,
please email me

lots of love,
danielle zoey and bean

now lets just hope it doesnt rain.

Friday, October 9, 2009


i finally got this stupid site to upload my photos

after some serious threats.
here are pictures of zoey's toy room, it actually already looks a bit different,
we put a tv up in the corner and she has some more toys in there now
but you get the idea

we have been spending lots of time at the park with dirty faces
look how cute and innocent, aww....
she couldnt possibly ever cause mommy headaches or trouble!

oh wait, i forgot who we were talking about.

oh yeah,
she tried raspberries,
she wanted everyone to know
they suck.
but she still ate the whole container.

Monday, October 5, 2009


ok, well, i have pictures to post, but blogger wont let me.
it figures as soon as i actually get my act together, the site wont cooperate.

oh well,
so i will give a little review of what we have been up to the last month and something that i have been neglectful of this blog.
i am now 13 weeks pregnant, feeling MUCH better, MUCH more human and MUCH more productive.
my belly is pretty obvious, i cant believe how BIG i have already gotten, yes there is only one in there, i saw it, there is proof. STOP ASKING.
Zoey has really taken off, she is running now, holding her own on the playground, attempting to climb (unsuccessfully, but really really darn cute) and has started this excited yelling and shreiking thing to get peoples attention, yeah, it works!
she has her own play room now, complete with flat panel LCD tv which used to live in the bedroom, she also has her own dvd racks that have some real dvds and a lot of empty cases so she can pull them down (they are her favorite toy)
still no teeth, yes my little toothless toddler is doing fine without them, she eats everything now. even steak and chicken. so ha.
still going strong on the breastfeeding, my supply has gone back up again and i am hoping that it stays that way, hoping.
i am making zoey's birthday invites this week, hope to have them out by friday, i'm already running a week late, i hope it doesnt end up hurting the party.
i'm going to be having her party a week after her real birthday, the day before halloween just seems to hectic right now, and we are going to go to san jose for a convention that weekend, so it would have been bad anyway.

we debated on whether we should move the shop to a different location this month, somewhere that was easier to maintain and had lower overhead, but decided that this spot is good for now, and if we dont get more artists working in there by the new year we will re-assess.

craig set up his work area in the living room different this last month too, he got a flat desk and shortened his drafting table so now he has a real computer area and all that jazz.

anyway, hopefully i can get the picture issue resolved by tomorrow and i will make a new post with lots of cute photos of zoey.

lots of love
danielle zoey and bean!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

updates coming soon

i promise, progress has been made on the house, lots of things checked off the list.

new pictures and baby updates to follow

thanks for all your patience!

lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

why cant i take pictures?

i havent taken a picture of anything in almost 2 weeks, we went to a tattoo convention this last weekend in phoenix and you think i could have at least taken a few shots since i brought my camera. no.
i just didnt.

zoey is getting really good at walking, she walks around carrying stuff, i think she is really excited that she can take things with her places now! cant do that while crawling!

not much else, my milk supply seems to be dropping a bit, so i am going to have to start giving her sippys with home made supplements. boo. i am still determined to keep breastfeeding her until 2, and tandem nurse, scary proposition. we'll see if it works out, not putting too much pressure on myself or zoey.

i had an ultrasound done even though i am not so into the technology because we had to get a date on the bean, so i am 9 weeks along today. there were little arms and legs and a good strong heart beat! everything looked normal and healthy, so that is good reasurrance, and now i can relax a bit about my dates and know we will be having a baby for sure sometime in april.

maybe i'll put the grainy ultrasound thing up, but it really doesnt look like much.
oh well
lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

zero motivation

sorry for forgetting about you guys, all what, 4 people who read this.

zoey has had some big milestones the past few days, she is now taking bitty baby steps and can walk half way across a room all by herself! she is getting to be such a big girl, super idependent.

she has also learned how to close doors, so now she closes herself into whatever room she is in and wont let us in, she finds this really hysterical, mommy, not so much.

she is eating quite a substantial amount of regular food now, i think my milk supply is dropping a bit so she is making up for lost calories.
she had a whole banana for breakfast, a quarter canteloupe, chicken ravioli, for lunch and crackers and cheese ravioli for dinner.
ravioli are easy, dont judge.

i actually managed to sweep the floor and clean zoey's high chair today, but thats about it. poor house, i have been majorly neglecting it. sorry house, i really do love you.

no pictures, i didnt take any this week, thought about it, didnt do it.

lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

Monday, August 24, 2009

feeling like crap

so its started! this whole all day nausea and constantly fighting to keep my eyes open.
i remember how much i slept through the first pregnancy and i fantasize about being able to sleep that much again.
its not going to happen though!
sadly, i have had to put zoey's playroom on hold right now because
1) i cant paint it myself now
2) i dont have enough energy even for simple house maintence, so i definitly dont have enough energy to move furniture and sort stuff
3) we are going to a convention in less than 2 weeks so craig cant help either.

i might break down and work on it a bit at a time though, we'll see.

i got a nice nap yesterday, craig was nice enough to play with zoey for a while and let me sleep and then zoey came in and took a nap with me for another 2 hours!
i even got up before her! i felt so much better after that.

so i am somewhere between 5-7 weeks pregnant, not exactly sure but it will get narrowed down a bit more as things progress. its still early, but my family cannot keep secrets, so i put it out first so it wouldnt get passed down the grape vine and feelings wouldnt get hurt.

zoey and i went up to julian with my mom, step-dad and neice in their motorhome this weekend. we went to go see the stars and look through telescopes, but we ended up only getting to look through two and both kids passed out even before that, so mostly it was just camping.
it was really nice up there and the sky was really clear. i forget how many stars i'm missing out on living in the city, makes me sad sometimes.

no other real news, pictures later this week, i'm too tired right now.
lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

Monday, August 17, 2009

we did it!

#2 due late april!

lots of love
danielle, zoey, and bean!

Friday, August 14, 2009

having a hard time

i have tried to write a post 5 times now, and keep drawing a blank.
all i can think about is getting this stupid room switch done and moving on to painting zoey's playroom. and i have a gazillion things on my to do list, none of which are getting done and zoey is going through another one of those "cant sleep without mommy" phases, which is sweet in a way, but really hard because i cant get anything done while she naps, and i cant even take a nap myself because she needs to be ON me and we have to be BOUNCING on the big ball i use at the computer, which sticks me at the computer and guilts me into trying to write another blog post, but i CANT!


i did nearly complete a pair of baby shoes, well, actually i nearly completed 2 pairs, one was two left shoes, the other a proper pair.
the first was such a fail, 2 left shoes, neither fit, one was WAY too big, the other WAY too small.
it was late.
i was tired
VERY distracted.

all i have to do is sew the straps and buttons on the new pair and they will be done, they're a little wonky, but cute none the less, definitely "hand made"!
isnt that the look everyone's going for these days?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so, i have to admit

While i really really love to buy fabric, and patterns, and download patterns, and buy more fabric, i really really HATE to cut the patterns out of the fabric.
it gets me every time.
and so..... my poor little sewing machine just sits there, with neat little stacks of untouched fabric and unopened patterns all around it.

someday i am really going to have to get over this.

a picture or three are worth a thousand words!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MIL here, not taking pictures

for some reason, when company comes over, it really throws off my whole rhythm and i dont end up doing what i normally do.
so, there has been some really cute stuff going on with zoey, like she ate a bunch of homemade blueberry muffins and was purple from head to toe, and i made yummy cupcakes for my step-dads birthday.

but i have forgotten to take any pictures.


oh, i did get this one last night.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 posts scrapped later,

ok, i'm not that deep controversial parent that i wish i was.
its hard to write about a parenting style that is comprised of, spend less money, more time and pretty much just wing it!
here is a link to my biggest inspiration on parenting

we also cloth diaper, breastfeed, co-sleep, baby wear and all that jazz, but again, fits into the catagory of less money, more time.

so yeah, there is that deep controversial post.

well...... you know.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the google ad bot is pretty funny

i put ads up on my blog for the hell of it, tell me if you hate them, but theoretically i could make money off of them.
except that the ads are ridiculous and i really dont see anyone clicking on the ad for how to house train your yorkie.
where the hell did the crawler pick up the idea that my blog would aim at that audience?

zoey has stood up on her own a few times between last night and today, she needs something to grab onto to get standing, but then can let go and stand on her own for quite a while all wibbly wobbly like.

i think tomorrow i'll do a post about the controversial way i parent. i dont know, i keep going to all these blogs and they're all deep and the writers have strong opinions on things and maybe i should pretend i'm like that too. just for the hell of it!

Friday, July 31, 2009

i fixed my comments

if anyone who doesnt have a google account wants to leave a comment now, you should be able to.
just select name/url after you write your comment.

let me know if it works please!

i love comments!

I want to kiss the lady who invented this thing

the cats, inspecting for safety

zoey approved.

yes, that is her, taking a NAP.

wow, pretty awesome

this is zoey, sleeping without being in the car seat or glued to me.
magic, pure magic.

thanks kanoe

Thursday, July 30, 2009

packages coming

i cant leave the house today until the UPS guy shows up to deliver the goods.
waicom tablet for the hunny,
hopefully life saver for him

kanoe hammock for zoey,
hopefully life saver for me.

is it this hard for everyone else to wait for the delivery guy? i am not even getting dressed so i wont be tempted to even go for a walk and risk missing him.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

year of the rat

since zoey is the year of the rat, we have had a running theme of getting her rat toys and the such.
here's what i got for her last night, it has one more sit to go, that was 5 hours already.
have to get the background stuff and some refinement to the rump area.
done by Jesse Smith

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009

my wonderful husband

just bought me a new kitchenaid stand mixer, now excuse me, i am going to go make some cookies!
i may not make it out of the kitchen for the next week!

Friday, July 24, 2009

the quest for better naps

zoey has a hard time napping.
a lot of times i can only get 15-20 minutes out of her unless we drive around in the car, but it gets to a point where i dont want to spend 2 hours in the car while she sleeps.
so, i have purchased this

actually, i'm on the rental program, so if i like it i will keep it, otherwise it will just cost us $40 to try it for a month.
its really awesome that they do that and i am hoping that we will get better naps from it, and i think they look super cute and would look really nice in zoey's new play room.
keep your fingers crossed for me!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

video oh video

i have no idea how to edit these little buggers on here yet. so, excuse the roughness of it, please try to enjoy the awesomness of zoey's self made (with a small addition of felt pads by mommy&daddy) walker.
she's working on a patent.
love you all

Saturday, July 18, 2009

pictures coming soon

please bare, bear, whatever with me...
i just got a new memory card since my dad never returned my other one. i promise i will post tomorrow with a few cute pictures, and i am still trying to figure out how to get the videos i have from the trip edited and on here.
please be patient

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When the whole house sleeps

I love to be the last one to bed at night, i am SO not a morning person, so this is when i get my peace and can catch up on my ME time.
Yes, some days this moment is all that gets me through it.

Zoey is running full blast while pushing bins all day now, she is like a little wind up toy and gets stuck in all the corners and against the walls where i have to spin her around so she can just get stuck across the room two seconds later. its really amazing though, to watch her progression with mobility. that girl has one amazing drive, when she wants something, its hers, and right now she wants the world.

The shop is picking up, business is decent, if we could maybe make some money now that would top it off quite nicely.

in the ongoing quest to make this hell house livable, we are doing a major overhaul of all the rooms. which seems to be what we have been doing the entire time we have lived here.
at this point we have moved craig's drafting table and tv back into the living room, so now the living room is completely dedicated as the home office. we can no longer hide how rediculously much we work, i think its obvious when your living room gets converted to an office that things are out of control.
also, we are moving our bedroom back to the room it was in before. we originally switched it for a room mate situation that didnt work out and it has never worked well and craig has slept horribly in there since the switch. so here we are, moving beds AGAIN.
the dining room and bathroom are staying the same, THANK GOD.
and what is currently our hated bedroom will soon be a loved playroom. i am going to paint it blue and i want to sew big leaves and cherry blossoms to go on the walls. if anyone has any good leaf patterns, please send me in that direction.
i seem to have taken less pictures of our travels than i thought, and i dont know how to get the video off of my new videocamera yet, so, you get nothing right now. sorry.

i promise i will attempt to charge my camera and capture the awesomness of zoey on the run.

love you all

Monday, July 13, 2009

i think there's a sewing machine somewhere under all this... maybe?

Since Zoey was born, my sewing room has become the storage/trash/too lazy to find a spot room. I have finally started tackling it today. i should have taken a before picture, but to tell you the truth, i am too embarrased.
lets just say, you couldnt see the floor, let alone the custom work table my wonderful husband made for me.

i'll take some progress shots so you can help encourage me to finish cleaning up this disaster.

love you all

cruising for a bruising

So, zoey, at 8 months, has figured out how to walk while pushing my yarn bin all around the house.
she gets SO excited! but now she thinks she can do this with everything and faceplants a lot more than she used to.
oh how i wish she was still just determined on crawling, still lots of tears, but it was much less dangerous.
i may have a heart attack before the week is through.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

holy shit, its been crazy.

been home for a while now, still trying to catch my breath from the amount of work still left to do to get our lives ironed back out to running smoothly.
zoey is slowly getting back on schedule and going to bed at 9 or 10 instead of 2 or 3 in the morning. she is also getting better about taking naps in bed instead of the carseat. although, i have seen a lot more of san diego since i have been driving her around for her naps twice a day since coming back!

i'm slowly getting back on schedule again as well, the house is starting to look like people live here again and not like it had been left to squatters and cats. i swear when we got home we were at least a foot deep in cat fur.

zoey now fully crawls, belly off the floor, all over the house like CRAZY!!!
she pulls up to a stand on anything, stable or not, even the cats get used as tools for standing.
she eats pretty much anything now, she can chew soft stuff, so she gets cut up banana, bread and those god awful gerber puff crack things.
she also likes blueberries, but i dont like the after math, so she eats those sparingly.
no teeth, yeah i know.

she says mama all the time, when she is upset is her favorite time to say it, so her cry is now mamamammmmmaaaaamamamamaaaaaAAAAHHHHAHHHHMAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA
which is cute and heartbreaking all at the same time.

and now for some pictures from the trip, i am too lazy to photoshop them, so you get raw pictures for now, i'll make a little album or something later when its not almost midnight and i dont have a screaming headache.