Friday, August 14, 2009

having a hard time

i have tried to write a post 5 times now, and keep drawing a blank.
all i can think about is getting this stupid room switch done and moving on to painting zoey's playroom. and i have a gazillion things on my to do list, none of which are getting done and zoey is going through another one of those "cant sleep without mommy" phases, which is sweet in a way, but really hard because i cant get anything done while she naps, and i cant even take a nap myself because she needs to be ON me and we have to be BOUNCING on the big ball i use at the computer, which sticks me at the computer and guilts me into trying to write another blog post, but i CANT!


i did nearly complete a pair of baby shoes, well, actually i nearly completed 2 pairs, one was two left shoes, the other a proper pair.
the first was such a fail, 2 left shoes, neither fit, one was WAY too big, the other WAY too small.
it was late.
i was tired
VERY distracted.

all i have to do is sew the straps and buttons on the new pair and they will be done, they're a little wonky, but cute none the less, definitely "hand made"!
isnt that the look everyone's going for these days?

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