Wednesday, December 9, 2009

losing days

i've been having a hard time keeping up with life lately. i hear thats normal when pregnant while taking care of a 1 year old.
i'm starting to get those panicky nesting urges but its still too far out to do anything i really want to do. like wash all the baby clothes and teeny tiny diapers. i'll just have to wash them all again if i do it now. maybe i'll sort everything and that will help the itch.
please give me easy recipies i can make and freeze before the new baby comes, i'm freaking a little about food ideas.

i am once again going to re do part of the house. i hate our living room right now. it's our office right now and i want it to be more cozy and living room like. we are going to take the desks out and get a hide away desk for me to put in my corner and maybe a collapsable drafting table for craig incase he wants to take a painting home. also, super exciting we have decided on a couch! revolutionary!
so now i need to find a way to get lots and lots of money so i can make all these dreams come true. anyone want to make a donation?
lots of projects i want to start but i just stall out, i have no energy for anything other than survival right now, super dissapointing to me right now. i have two soakers for the new baby that need to be finished that just sit at my desk staring angry at me and all i can do is try to avoid them all day, every day. not to mention the sewing binder and knitting binder that havent been opened in months. months! i hate it!
ugh... someday.