Thursday, January 14, 2010

my computer hates me...

I have the WORST luck with technology. Sometimes all I have to do is walk by a computer to get it to crash. My hard drive for my laptop mysteriously gave out last night as i was getting ready to post here and I had to wait until this morning for Craig to look at it.
All he had to do to get it to work was turn it back on. Seriously, I spent almost 2 hours last night trying to get the thing to restart and just kept getting an error message. He comes over, touches the power button and like magic my computer works again. Yeah. I think my computer has something against me.

Yesterday was a nice quiet day recouping from a UTI I had the fortunate luck of getting. I am almost completely done with it now, which is really good because we were afraid of it getting worse and causing a kidney infection or preterm labor. That would be bad, just to clarify.

Zoey and I are going to head out to the book store, then the park. Hopefully there will be a nap in there somewhere. "They" are doing construction on our alley again, so car nap it is.  I want to move SO bad.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House Tornado

How is it that a 14 month old can do so much damage to my living space within the span of 15 minutes? How is it even possible that this little 20lb, 26" baby could have enough strength and motivation to completely and i mean COMPLETELY take everything out of every cupboard and drawer within her tiny reach?
And how is it that less than 15 minutes of work for her turns into 3-4 hours of work for me to get it all back so she can do it again tomorrow?

I guess it makes her happy at least, so, i'll quit wondering and go start cleaning it all up again for tomorrow.

oh yeah, she's climbing on EVERYTHING now too...
fun... real fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

promised mini post

she looks so chub in this picture! i love it!

Zoey has TEETH! Finally after a long road of thinking she was teething since she was 3 months old, she delivered!
Her two bottom teeth broke through last week after several sleepless nights and a low grade fever. I'm happy we dont have to cut them out with razorblades or anything! (we were getting desperate!)
She also has started asking for bananas whenever she is hungry, even if she doesnt want one. She eats so many of them that i think she just thinks that all food is refered to as bananas and all things fuzzy or loveable are refered to as "dougy".

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Due to a very cranky toddler and a husband that has had a very nice amount of time off lately, i have been neglecting this blog.
i will be posting a year in review this week, i am going to work hard to make it happen.
i will also be starting to write even just a tiny post every day on what our family is up to, even if you dont care at all.
lots of love!
danielle, zoey and bean!