Thursday, January 14, 2010

my computer hates me...

I have the WORST luck with technology. Sometimes all I have to do is walk by a computer to get it to crash. My hard drive for my laptop mysteriously gave out last night as i was getting ready to post here and I had to wait until this morning for Craig to look at it.
All he had to do to get it to work was turn it back on. Seriously, I spent almost 2 hours last night trying to get the thing to restart and just kept getting an error message. He comes over, touches the power button and like magic my computer works again. Yeah. I think my computer has something against me.

Yesterday was a nice quiet day recouping from a UTI I had the fortunate luck of getting. I am almost completely done with it now, which is really good because we were afraid of it getting worse and causing a kidney infection or preterm labor. That would be bad, just to clarify.

Zoey and I are going to head out to the book store, then the park. Hopefully there will be a nap in there somewhere. "They" are doing construction on our alley again, so car nap it is.  I want to move SO bad.

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