Friday, August 29, 2008

fuck, so yeah....

i got the house clean, then i made it dirty all over again.
oh well, i have to just come to terms with the fact that my house will most likely never be in the state it was ever again. with the shop opening and the baby coming in 2 months, i doubt this place will ever be spotless again.

the floor is going well at the shop they got the whole lower level done now, next they have to clean off the whole upper deck and get that done. the tile guy should be doing his work soon, so its moving along ok, a little behind but not too bad.

here's some pictures

an 88 year old grandmother of 22 got her first tattoo today!
a little butterfly on her ankle!
she was a trooper, had no problem with it

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

maybe i can get some cleaning done today?

alas, the house has won in my struggle with it to keep it clean. it looks like a tornado launched through here right after an earth quake hit.

we switched the bedrooms last week, so i never fully recovered from that. 

this is what i want to get done today, lets see what happens!

dishes- unload and reload dishwasher (sounds easy, but trying to put glasses on a 5'10" shelf when you are 5' and 7 months pregnant is no easy feat)

clean counters

mop kitchen floor

put away everything on flat surfaces (desks, tables, etc...)

put away clean laundry

shine up bathroom 

mop bathroom floor

ok, wish me luck. i have until 11 tonight, we have a guest from out of town coming.

oh, and my midwife gave me one of those kick count cards, it has spots for how long it takes to get 10 movements from the baby, but they dont have a 3 second option, the first one is 10 minutes! i couldnt imagine only one movement a minute, this kid is on crack!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ok, i'm ready

i am finally ready to update again, i am 29 weeks pregnant now and things get a little stressful for me sometimes.

i am now nesting full on, so diaper covers are being made, diaper fabric is in the wash and patterns are all over every flat surface i have.
had a midwife appointment yesterday, went really well. bp is good, everything is normal, have no idea how much i weigh as i dont have a scale and she comes to me now. oh and i got my first stretch mark, its on my hip and its small, but its scary none the less.

baby is good, lodging its little butt up in my ribs all the time and pushing its little hard head into my bladder constantly. oh and the little hands in my hip bones, SO FUN!
but i really do feel good, i love being pregnant and knowing i am growing a little human. its a cool and bizarre feeling.

the shop is coming along, slow and steady. the floor is almost ready to go in, should be started within the next day or two. the tile should be starting this week and the finishing plumbing should be this weekend or so.
then it will be tattooable. maybe not finished all the way, but definitely tattooable.
but i am not getting my heart set on the deadlines too much, i know it could take longer.

here's some pictures of my life this last month, not much but its what i've got.