Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ok, i'm ready

i am finally ready to update again, i am 29 weeks pregnant now and things get a little stressful for me sometimes.

i am now nesting full on, so diaper covers are being made, diaper fabric is in the wash and patterns are all over every flat surface i have.
had a midwife appointment yesterday, went really well. bp is good, everything is normal, have no idea how much i weigh as i dont have a scale and she comes to me now. oh and i got my first stretch mark, its on my hip and its small, but its scary none the less.

baby is good, lodging its little butt up in my ribs all the time and pushing its little hard head into my bladder constantly. oh and the little hands in my hip bones, SO FUN!
but i really do feel good, i love being pregnant and knowing i am growing a little human. its a cool and bizarre feeling.

the shop is coming along, slow and steady. the floor is almost ready to go in, should be started within the next day or two. the tile should be starting this week and the finishing plumbing should be this weekend or so.
then it will be tattooable. maybe not finished all the way, but definitely tattooable.
but i am not getting my heart set on the deadlines too much, i know it could take longer.

here's some pictures of my life this last month, not much but its what i've got.

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Annie Mess said...

So cute belly!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see your littles!
love annie