Wednesday, August 27, 2008

maybe i can get some cleaning done today?

alas, the house has won in my struggle with it to keep it clean. it looks like a tornado launched through here right after an earth quake hit.

we switched the bedrooms last week, so i never fully recovered from that. 

this is what i want to get done today, lets see what happens!

dishes- unload and reload dishwasher (sounds easy, but trying to put glasses on a 5'10" shelf when you are 5' and 7 months pregnant is no easy feat)

clean counters

mop kitchen floor

put away everything on flat surfaces (desks, tables, etc...)

put away clean laundry

shine up bathroom 

mop bathroom floor

ok, wish me luck. i have until 11 tonight, we have a guest from out of town coming.

oh, and my midwife gave me one of those kick count cards, it has spots for how long it takes to get 10 movements from the baby, but they dont have a 3 second option, the first one is 10 minutes! i couldnt imagine only one movement a minute, this kid is on crack!

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