Saturday, August 29, 2009

zero motivation

sorry for forgetting about you guys, all what, 4 people who read this.

zoey has had some big milestones the past few days, she is now taking bitty baby steps and can walk half way across a room all by herself! she is getting to be such a big girl, super idependent.

she has also learned how to close doors, so now she closes herself into whatever room she is in and wont let us in, she finds this really hysterical, mommy, not so much.

she is eating quite a substantial amount of regular food now, i think my milk supply is dropping a bit so she is making up for lost calories.
she had a whole banana for breakfast, a quarter canteloupe, chicken ravioli, for lunch and crackers and cheese ravioli for dinner.
ravioli are easy, dont judge.

i actually managed to sweep the floor and clean zoey's high chair today, but thats about it. poor house, i have been majorly neglecting it. sorry house, i really do love you.

no pictures, i didnt take any this week, thought about it, didnt do it.

lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

Monday, August 24, 2009

feeling like crap

so its started! this whole all day nausea and constantly fighting to keep my eyes open.
i remember how much i slept through the first pregnancy and i fantasize about being able to sleep that much again.
its not going to happen though!
sadly, i have had to put zoey's playroom on hold right now because
1) i cant paint it myself now
2) i dont have enough energy even for simple house maintence, so i definitly dont have enough energy to move furniture and sort stuff
3) we are going to a convention in less than 2 weeks so craig cant help either.

i might break down and work on it a bit at a time though, we'll see.

i got a nice nap yesterday, craig was nice enough to play with zoey for a while and let me sleep and then zoey came in and took a nap with me for another 2 hours!
i even got up before her! i felt so much better after that.

so i am somewhere between 5-7 weeks pregnant, not exactly sure but it will get narrowed down a bit more as things progress. its still early, but my family cannot keep secrets, so i put it out first so it wouldnt get passed down the grape vine and feelings wouldnt get hurt.

zoey and i went up to julian with my mom, step-dad and neice in their motorhome this weekend. we went to go see the stars and look through telescopes, but we ended up only getting to look through two and both kids passed out even before that, so mostly it was just camping.
it was really nice up there and the sky was really clear. i forget how many stars i'm missing out on living in the city, makes me sad sometimes.

no other real news, pictures later this week, i'm too tired right now.
lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

Monday, August 17, 2009

we did it!

#2 due late april!

lots of love
danielle, zoey, and bean!

Friday, August 14, 2009

having a hard time

i have tried to write a post 5 times now, and keep drawing a blank.
all i can think about is getting this stupid room switch done and moving on to painting zoey's playroom. and i have a gazillion things on my to do list, none of which are getting done and zoey is going through another one of those "cant sleep without mommy" phases, which is sweet in a way, but really hard because i cant get anything done while she naps, and i cant even take a nap myself because she needs to be ON me and we have to be BOUNCING on the big ball i use at the computer, which sticks me at the computer and guilts me into trying to write another blog post, but i CANT!


i did nearly complete a pair of baby shoes, well, actually i nearly completed 2 pairs, one was two left shoes, the other a proper pair.
the first was such a fail, 2 left shoes, neither fit, one was WAY too big, the other WAY too small.
it was late.
i was tired
VERY distracted.

all i have to do is sew the straps and buttons on the new pair and they will be done, they're a little wonky, but cute none the less, definitely "hand made"!
isnt that the look everyone's going for these days?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

so, i have to admit

While i really really love to buy fabric, and patterns, and download patterns, and buy more fabric, i really really HATE to cut the patterns out of the fabric.
it gets me every time.
and so..... my poor little sewing machine just sits there, with neat little stacks of untouched fabric and unopened patterns all around it.

someday i am really going to have to get over this.

a picture or three are worth a thousand words!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MIL here, not taking pictures

for some reason, when company comes over, it really throws off my whole rhythm and i dont end up doing what i normally do.
so, there has been some really cute stuff going on with zoey, like she ate a bunch of homemade blueberry muffins and was purple from head to toe, and i made yummy cupcakes for my step-dads birthday.

but i have forgotten to take any pictures.


oh, i did get this one last night.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 posts scrapped later,

ok, i'm not that deep controversial parent that i wish i was.
its hard to write about a parenting style that is comprised of, spend less money, more time and pretty much just wing it!
here is a link to my biggest inspiration on parenting

we also cloth diaper, breastfeed, co-sleep, baby wear and all that jazz, but again, fits into the catagory of less money, more time.

so yeah, there is that deep controversial post.

well...... you know.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

the google ad bot is pretty funny

i put ads up on my blog for the hell of it, tell me if you hate them, but theoretically i could make money off of them.
except that the ads are ridiculous and i really dont see anyone clicking on the ad for how to house train your yorkie.
where the hell did the crawler pick up the idea that my blog would aim at that audience?

zoey has stood up on her own a few times between last night and today, she needs something to grab onto to get standing, but then can let go and stand on her own for quite a while all wibbly wobbly like.

i think tomorrow i'll do a post about the controversial way i parent. i dont know, i keep going to all these blogs and they're all deep and the writers have strong opinions on things and maybe i should pretend i'm like that too. just for the hell of it!