Monday, August 24, 2009

feeling like crap

so its started! this whole all day nausea and constantly fighting to keep my eyes open.
i remember how much i slept through the first pregnancy and i fantasize about being able to sleep that much again.
its not going to happen though!
sadly, i have had to put zoey's playroom on hold right now because
1) i cant paint it myself now
2) i dont have enough energy even for simple house maintence, so i definitly dont have enough energy to move furniture and sort stuff
3) we are going to a convention in less than 2 weeks so craig cant help either.

i might break down and work on it a bit at a time though, we'll see.

i got a nice nap yesterday, craig was nice enough to play with zoey for a while and let me sleep and then zoey came in and took a nap with me for another 2 hours!
i even got up before her! i felt so much better after that.

so i am somewhere between 5-7 weeks pregnant, not exactly sure but it will get narrowed down a bit more as things progress. its still early, but my family cannot keep secrets, so i put it out first so it wouldnt get passed down the grape vine and feelings wouldnt get hurt.

zoey and i went up to julian with my mom, step-dad and neice in their motorhome this weekend. we went to go see the stars and look through telescopes, but we ended up only getting to look through two and both kids passed out even before that, so mostly it was just camping.
it was really nice up there and the sky was really clear. i forget how many stars i'm missing out on living in the city, makes me sad sometimes.

no other real news, pictures later this week, i'm too tired right now.
lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

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