Saturday, August 29, 2009

zero motivation

sorry for forgetting about you guys, all what, 4 people who read this.

zoey has had some big milestones the past few days, she is now taking bitty baby steps and can walk half way across a room all by herself! she is getting to be such a big girl, super idependent.

she has also learned how to close doors, so now she closes herself into whatever room she is in and wont let us in, she finds this really hysterical, mommy, not so much.

she is eating quite a substantial amount of regular food now, i think my milk supply is dropping a bit so she is making up for lost calories.
she had a whole banana for breakfast, a quarter canteloupe, chicken ravioli, for lunch and crackers and cheese ravioli for dinner.
ravioli are easy, dont judge.

i actually managed to sweep the floor and clean zoey's high chair today, but thats about it. poor house, i have been majorly neglecting it. sorry house, i really do love you.

no pictures, i didnt take any this week, thought about it, didnt do it.

lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!


Annie Mess said...

Totally acceptable when you are in the first trimester and taking care of a littles!
I hope you feel better soon!
love annie

Helen said...

Great to hear she is taking those first steps . She is such a brave little girl and a daredevil . That is so funny about her closing the door on you . What a joy she is .

Twwly said...

Congrats on new baby!

And Zoey walking! Meeps isn't even walking yet, haha!