Wednesday, September 9, 2009

why cant i take pictures?

i havent taken a picture of anything in almost 2 weeks, we went to a tattoo convention this last weekend in phoenix and you think i could have at least taken a few shots since i brought my camera. no.
i just didnt.

zoey is getting really good at walking, she walks around carrying stuff, i think she is really excited that she can take things with her places now! cant do that while crawling!

not much else, my milk supply seems to be dropping a bit, so i am going to have to start giving her sippys with home made supplements. boo. i am still determined to keep breastfeeding her until 2, and tandem nurse, scary proposition. we'll see if it works out, not putting too much pressure on myself or zoey.

i had an ultrasound done even though i am not so into the technology because we had to get a date on the bean, so i am 9 weeks along today. there were little arms and legs and a good strong heart beat! everything looked normal and healthy, so that is good reasurrance, and now i can relax a bit about my dates and know we will be having a baby for sure sometime in april.

maybe i'll put the grainy ultrasound thing up, but it really doesnt look like much.
oh well
lots of love
danielle, zoey and bean!

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