Thursday, December 25, 2008

hey, i broke my record!

i posted more than 6 times this month!
haha, maybe this signals a change. i may actually end up making a habit of using this thing more!

hope everyone is having a good day, and i hope no one needs groceries cuz everything is closed.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sometimes i want to bang my head against a wall

so last nights post was great, then the crying started.
she didnt want me to lay down, she didnt want me to put her in the wrap, she didnt want me to sit still.
until 11am.

yes ladies and gentlemen, i didnt get to go to sleep until 11 this morning.


this was by far the roughest night we have experienced and hopefully it was just from going out all day and being stressed by the holidays.

the biggest issue was how exhausted i was from running errands all day, if i had just stayed home i would have been fine to stay up all night dancing with her. but no, i had to be a stupid mommy and try to get too much done and boy did i pay for it.
after 5 hours of sleep today i feel much better and i have definitly been taking it easy because the kind of tired i felt last night is something i dont ever want to experience again. it was the kind of frustration that makes me start to understand how someone could resort to the desperate measure of letting their poor little baby cry in another room until they fell asleep.
not that i would ever be able to do that, i really couldnt, but i can see how someone could fall into that dark spiral. now i understand.

since her circadian rhythm is on the fritz, i may work on making some of the bread tonight and just go with the flow of being up all night.
hopefully she will tolerate the wrap better tonight, that is what killed me last night is having to just hold her and dance with her, she is HEAVY at 6 in the morning when you are dead tired and want to scream.

her diapers still havent shown up, they are probably not going to get her before christmas now, i was hoping to have them before having to go to my moms so she could be more comfortable. 
oh well, we'll make do.

love you lots
danielle and zoey

today was a good day

my sister came over and we spent the day together. it's nice to hang out with her, we have been growing much closer over the last year or so!
we went shopping for supplies for the bread i am making for everyone for christmas. even though i dont celebrate christmas, my family does and i always like an excuse to bake.
this year it is going to be divided equally between pumpkin and banana bread. it was close though between banana and zucchini, bananas only one out because there wasnt enough zucchini at the store to make 10 loaves.

i am wrapping them in really cute plaid fabric i found while i was out today, i dont think paper is a good wrapping tool and i can collect the pieces back or people can reuse them.
hopefully i will also have time to make my niece some mommy and baby elephants that i found a pattern for. i am going to use the same fabric that i am using to wrap the bread with.

Zoey is sleeping on my chest in her wrap right now, i love watching her sleep. i will miss this when its gone.

i ordered new diapers for Zoey and hopefully they will be here tomorrow, she has reached capacity on her old ones and i can hardly get them fastened.
i am already having to  box stuff up and put it away for the next little one, it makes me sad in a weird bittersweet way, she is growing well and is really healthy so that is great, but my little girl is growing up more every day and i cant help but think that it is going by too fast.

oh, i got craig an R2D2 fishtank for solstice, it is really cool. i am going to get some black moors for it tomorrow.

i'll put up pictures after christmas, its going to be a very busy next few days.
love you all
danielle and zoey!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

oh yeah, the joys

Zoey just fell back to sleep and left me now totally awake and unable to go back to sleep after a whopping 2 hours of sleep last night.

i have a feeling that she will not go back to sleep if i take her out of the wrap too so looks like i'm up for a while.

i know that very soon i will look back and miss these moments, right?

she is totally cute right now at least, all snuggly on my chest.

i can take a nap later.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i have a clean kitchen!

And a happy sleeping baby! 
yeah, i rock! haha.

here are a few pictures for your optical enjoyment.

love you all!
danielle and zoey

thanks Aunt Sharon for making such a beautiful quilt!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Super mommy!

ok, yeah i have had a successful day today!
diapers are washed sorted and put away where they belong,
there is laundry in the washing machine and the other loads are sorted and ready to go in,
chicken and dumplings are on the stove and pot roast is in the crockpot,
spent less than $50 at the grocery store today and was actually able to get everything i needed without any baby freakouts.
our cold is at the tail end now so thats really awesome too.

i feel like i can actually get stuff done now with the MIL gone and my cold almost gone, i was really in a funk there for a while.

i'm back baby! watch out!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yuck Yuck YUCK!!

So i got mild/moderate food poisoning late last night and let me tell you, it is no fun taking care of a fussy stuffed up baby when you feel like all your internal organs may come flying out of your mouth any second.
i finally feel well enough to have her in the wrap so she is more comfortable, but most of the day i had to have her in the vibro-bouncy chair thing. i hated having to put her in there for more than a few minutes, but i was too weak to hold her and too sick to have her lay on my tummy and she was too stuffed up to lay flat next to me in bed.
so into the chair and next to the bed she went.
we enjoyed a nice eucalyptus and peppermint steam bath today to help with her nose and my nausea, worked well for the time we were in there, but the hot water ran out after about an hour.

here are pictures!
love you all!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I don't update on here much 'cuz I don't think anyone reads it, but apparently I have a few readers, they just can't/don't comment on my posts. 

So sorry all for not updating more, I will be more vigilant, especially since Zoey is growing so fast!

I cant get my pictures off the memory card right now so I will have to put up new pictures later, but I will give a word update for now.

Zoey is 6 weeks old and doing great! not sure how much she weighs, but she is darn heavy I'll tell you that much.  I would estimate around 10lbs. which is awesome.  We call her our little "four-chin cookie" because she is so chubby!

She likes to have a schedule, which is hard for us because we are not "schedule people"!  she takes naps at the same time everyday and likes 10pm for bedtime and if we interrupt her or throw her off, we know it for the next hour!

She looks just like Craig and makes tons of his expressions, which is hilarious, because I have to say getting cut eye from a 6 week old baby because I popped her off the boob too soon makes me laugh hysterically.

Speaking of laughing, she laughs in her sleep all the time and it is too cool to watch her dream.

She has started smiling at us when we make funny faces or bounce around and I now find myself doing and saying things I never ever thought I would to make this little baby smile, its just too awesome!

Since it is getting a little colder here (60*f) she has started wearing more clothes, so I have started getting outfits for her, and she seems to be alright with this whole clothing thing.  She puts up with me dressing and undressing her for trips out, but she still spends most of her time in just her cloth dipees with whatever color cover I have picked for the day.  Although I am really fond of putting her in baby legs now with little socks and having her wear that for most of the day, it is just too darn cute!
If anyone would like to send her a present, baby legs come in about a million different patterns and colors and we really love them! **hint hint!**

I wear her in her moby wrap almost all the time and it seems to be helping me lose weight as i find myself moving around a lot more when she is strapped on me. I'm not sure how much i weigh though as i haven't weighed myself since i was 37 weeks pregnant, but my clothes are looser!

Nanny Helen (craig's mom) is down for the week to meet her granddaughter and go to psi seminars. so far its going well! Zoey and her get along great.

Time goes by so fast with a little baby in the house, life is fun and she turns more and more into a little person everyday, I love this!

So, I will work on getting the picture thing figured out and get some on here as soon as possible.

love you all!
danielle and zoey