Tuesday, December 23, 2008

today was a good day

my sister came over and we spent the day together. it's nice to hang out with her, we have been growing much closer over the last year or so!
we went shopping for supplies for the bread i am making for everyone for christmas. even though i dont celebrate christmas, my family does and i always like an excuse to bake.
this year it is going to be divided equally between pumpkin and banana bread. it was close though between banana and zucchini, bananas only one out because there wasnt enough zucchini at the store to make 10 loaves.

i am wrapping them in really cute plaid fabric i found while i was out today, i dont think paper is a good wrapping tool and i can collect the pieces back or people can reuse them.
hopefully i will also have time to make my niece some mommy and baby elephants that i found a pattern for. i am going to use the same fabric that i am using to wrap the bread with.

Zoey is sleeping on my chest in her wrap right now, i love watching her sleep. i will miss this when its gone.

i ordered new diapers for Zoey and hopefully they will be here tomorrow, she has reached capacity on her old ones and i can hardly get them fastened.
i am already having to  box stuff up and put it away for the next little one, it makes me sad in a weird bittersweet way, she is growing well and is really healthy so that is great, but my little girl is growing up more every day and i cant help but think that it is going by too fast.

oh, i got craig an R2D2 fishtank for solstice, it is really cool. i am going to get some black moors for it tomorrow.

i'll put up pictures after christmas, its going to be a very busy next few days.
love you all
danielle and zoey!

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