Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yuck Yuck YUCK!!

So i got mild/moderate food poisoning late last night and let me tell you, it is no fun taking care of a fussy stuffed up baby when you feel like all your internal organs may come flying out of your mouth any second.
i finally feel well enough to have her in the wrap so she is more comfortable, but most of the day i had to have her in the vibro-bouncy chair thing. i hated having to put her in there for more than a few minutes, but i was too weak to hold her and too sick to have her lay on my tummy and she was too stuffed up to lay flat next to me in bed.
so into the chair and next to the bed she went.
we enjoyed a nice eucalyptus and peppermint steam bath today to help with her nose and my nausea, worked well for the time we were in there, but the hot water ran out after about an hour.

here are pictures!
love you all!


Annie Mess said...

yay for photos!!!!!!!
thank you for posting them!

Skye said...

Hi, I'm here by way of AP Mama's. Just had to say, look at that gorgeously chubby girl! Love the little rolls. Good job mama, she's beautiful!
Also, hope you're feeling better.