Saturday, December 13, 2008


I don't update on here much 'cuz I don't think anyone reads it, but apparently I have a few readers, they just can't/don't comment on my posts. 

So sorry all for not updating more, I will be more vigilant, especially since Zoey is growing so fast!

I cant get my pictures off the memory card right now so I will have to put up new pictures later, but I will give a word update for now.

Zoey is 6 weeks old and doing great! not sure how much she weighs, but she is darn heavy I'll tell you that much.  I would estimate around 10lbs. which is awesome.  We call her our little "four-chin cookie" because she is so chubby!

She likes to have a schedule, which is hard for us because we are not "schedule people"!  she takes naps at the same time everyday and likes 10pm for bedtime and if we interrupt her or throw her off, we know it for the next hour!

She looks just like Craig and makes tons of his expressions, which is hilarious, because I have to say getting cut eye from a 6 week old baby because I popped her off the boob too soon makes me laugh hysterically.

Speaking of laughing, she laughs in her sleep all the time and it is too cool to watch her dream.

She has started smiling at us when we make funny faces or bounce around and I now find myself doing and saying things I never ever thought I would to make this little baby smile, its just too awesome!

Since it is getting a little colder here (60*f) she has started wearing more clothes, so I have started getting outfits for her, and she seems to be alright with this whole clothing thing.  She puts up with me dressing and undressing her for trips out, but she still spends most of her time in just her cloth dipees with whatever color cover I have picked for the day.  Although I am really fond of putting her in baby legs now with little socks and having her wear that for most of the day, it is just too darn cute!
If anyone would like to send her a present, baby legs come in about a million different patterns and colors and we really love them! **hint hint!**

I wear her in her moby wrap almost all the time and it seems to be helping me lose weight as i find myself moving around a lot more when she is strapped on me. I'm not sure how much i weigh though as i haven't weighed myself since i was 37 weeks pregnant, but my clothes are looser!

Nanny Helen (craig's mom) is down for the week to meet her granddaughter and go to psi seminars. so far its going well! Zoey and her get along great.

Time goes by so fast with a little baby in the house, life is fun and she turns more and more into a little person everyday, I love this!

So, I will work on getting the picture thing figured out and get some on here as soon as possible.

love you all!
danielle and zoey

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Annie Mess said...

I check this blog every day!
I will try to post more comments. I guess I just forget!
I have that problem on my blog too. Lots of people read, but no one comments.

I cant wait to see photos of yall! We need to come visit sooooo bad!
love annie