Saturday, August 1, 2009

the google ad bot is pretty funny

i put ads up on my blog for the hell of it, tell me if you hate them, but theoretically i could make money off of them.
except that the ads are ridiculous and i really dont see anyone clicking on the ad for how to house train your yorkie.
where the hell did the crawler pick up the idea that my blog would aim at that audience?

zoey has stood up on her own a few times between last night and today, she needs something to grab onto to get standing, but then can let go and stand on her own for quite a while all wibbly wobbly like.

i think tomorrow i'll do a post about the controversial way i parent. i dont know, i keep going to all these blogs and they're all deep and the writers have strong opinions on things and maybe i should pretend i'm like that too. just for the hell of it!


Annie Mess said...

hey, my facebook comment wasnt directed at you. i love the way you parent. it was just venting about someone else.

JackieD said...

its actually funny, i wrote this post before your facebook post!

i am so not in anyones face about how to raise their kids, i knew you weren't talking about me, i was being silly.

Heather said...


wholesaler said...

your blog is good,
I like you!