Thursday, July 30, 2009

packages coming

i cant leave the house today until the UPS guy shows up to deliver the goods.
waicom tablet for the hunny,
hopefully life saver for him

kanoe hammock for zoey,
hopefully life saver for me.

is it this hard for everyone else to wait for the delivery guy? i am not even getting dressed so i wont be tempted to even go for a walk and risk missing him.


Heather said...

She totally reminds me of Hannah! And did you know Hannah moved back down? I'm sure she would love to babysit! Do you have her contact info?

Annie Mess said...

1) Holy crap, Zoey is like waaaaay beyond cute.
2) I vote underwater because you can do so many cute fish and jellies and stuff, well, I guess you could do cute bugs and animals if you had flowers and leaves, oh damn... now I cant decide which is cuter!
3) They have star wars sheets and bedroom supplies at Pottery Barn Kids. Like the cool looking old kind. Yep. Just thought you should know.

JackieD said...

oh no... i hope its too expensive to buy but not just expensive enough to go broke on.

and the dilemma goes on.