Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When the whole house sleeps

I love to be the last one to bed at night, i am SO not a morning person, so this is when i get my peace and can catch up on my ME time.
Yes, some days this moment is all that gets me through it.

Zoey is running full blast while pushing bins all day now, she is like a little wind up toy and gets stuck in all the corners and against the walls where i have to spin her around so she can just get stuck across the room two seconds later. its really amazing though, to watch her progression with mobility. that girl has one amazing drive, when she wants something, its hers, and right now she wants the world.

The shop is picking up, business is decent, if we could maybe make some money now that would top it off quite nicely.

in the ongoing quest to make this hell house livable, we are doing a major overhaul of all the rooms. which seems to be what we have been doing the entire time we have lived here.
at this point we have moved craig's drafting table and tv back into the living room, so now the living room is completely dedicated as the home office. we can no longer hide how rediculously much we work, i think its obvious when your living room gets converted to an office that things are out of control.
also, we are moving our bedroom back to the room it was in before. we originally switched it for a room mate situation that didnt work out and it has never worked well and craig has slept horribly in there since the switch. so here we are, moving beds AGAIN.
the dining room and bathroom are staying the same, THANK GOD.
and what is currently our hated bedroom will soon be a loved playroom. i am going to paint it blue and i want to sew big leaves and cherry blossoms to go on the walls. if anyone has any good leaf patterns, please send me in that direction.
i seem to have taken less pictures of our travels than i thought, and i dont know how to get the video off of my new videocamera yet, so, you get nothing right now. sorry.

i promise i will attempt to charge my camera and capture the awesomness of zoey on the run.

love you all

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