Monday, October 5, 2009


ok, well, i have pictures to post, but blogger wont let me.
it figures as soon as i actually get my act together, the site wont cooperate.

oh well,
so i will give a little review of what we have been up to the last month and something that i have been neglectful of this blog.
i am now 13 weeks pregnant, feeling MUCH better, MUCH more human and MUCH more productive.
my belly is pretty obvious, i cant believe how BIG i have already gotten, yes there is only one in there, i saw it, there is proof. STOP ASKING.
Zoey has really taken off, she is running now, holding her own on the playground, attempting to climb (unsuccessfully, but really really darn cute) and has started this excited yelling and shreiking thing to get peoples attention, yeah, it works!
she has her own play room now, complete with flat panel LCD tv which used to live in the bedroom, she also has her own dvd racks that have some real dvds and a lot of empty cases so she can pull them down (they are her favorite toy)
still no teeth, yes my little toothless toddler is doing fine without them, she eats everything now. even steak and chicken. so ha.
still going strong on the breastfeeding, my supply has gone back up again and i am hoping that it stays that way, hoping.
i am making zoey's birthday invites this week, hope to have them out by friday, i'm already running a week late, i hope it doesnt end up hurting the party.
i'm going to be having her party a week after her real birthday, the day before halloween just seems to hectic right now, and we are going to go to san jose for a convention that weekend, so it would have been bad anyway.

we debated on whether we should move the shop to a different location this month, somewhere that was easier to maintain and had lower overhead, but decided that this spot is good for now, and if we dont get more artists working in there by the new year we will re-assess.

craig set up his work area in the living room different this last month too, he got a flat desk and shortened his drafting table so now he has a real computer area and all that jazz.

anyway, hopefully i can get the picture issue resolved by tomorrow and i will make a new post with lots of cute photos of zoey.

lots of love
danielle zoey and bean!

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Annie Mess said...

cant wait for photos!
yea, with baby #2 i got bigger faster and all the coolest people asked if it was twins (idiots). i think its because the skin and uterus are more elastic.
i cant believe zoey is already a year! it goes by so quickly! i wish we could be there for that cute little party!
love annie