Monday, July 7, 2008


i've been busy working on the baby shower invites, i know my mom was supposed to do them but i couldn't pass up the chance to make super awesome invitations.
its been really fun, and really time consuming. 
here is a picture of me now, at 22 weeks and some, sorry for the shitty photography, i was really tired.

Craig has been working non stop on demolishing the shop, i'll give you some pictures of that too.

here is the second day of demo, really messy.
i dont know how the boys could do anything in there with it like that.
this is what 5 tons of construction debris looks like.

and this is today, they got everything out except for some of the wood.

ok, i have to go to bed, i will post some pics of the invites and stuff later. hopefully i can keep up with this thing a little better now.
yeah, we'll see how that goes.


BebeJourney said...

Look at that belly!!!
It makes me miss my belly!
Oh man, your gonna be a great mom and Craig will be a great dad!!!!!
I cant wait to see that little one! OOOOhhhhh the surprize of it all!
love annie

cat said...

check out those mommy jugs! you are too stinkin cute!

Navelgazing Midwife said...

What a lovely belly! You're growing (or rather the kidlet is growing) right before our eyes!

Just beautiful.