Sunday, July 13, 2008


so i have totally been slacking on the invites, hopefully i can get them all finished today.
baby is going through some kind of crazy growth spurt, i have no energy what so ever.
oh, speaking of baby, i got NO sleep last night, little thing was just a dancin away in there, tickling the crap out of my hip bones.
oh well, its cute!
i couldnt even find his (or hers) heartbeat last night, all i could get was the sound of little kicks wherever i put the fetoscope! haha, just like papa, all full of energy at every inappropriate time!
baby also started responding to our voices, when i talk he gets all wiggly.
i'm going to go eat some cantaloupe now, yum!

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Rachel said...

Just you wait, because the sleep deprivation gets a LOT worse. In between kicking and BH, it's hard for me to get any sleep anymore. haha