Thursday, May 22, 2008

really not a lot going on

havent taken any pictures in the last few days, sorry to the 2 people who read this.
i dont really feel my blog is any good unless i have companion pictures, oh well.
the kittens are great, so cute it makes me want to puke every time i see them and the baby is good too, squiggling around in there all crazy.
i was supposed to have a midwife appointment today but it was cancelled, the midwife and the doula were sick, hope they feel better soon.
i need to go to the chiropractor, my neck hurts, and i think i'm going to start doing yoga again, it is needed badly.

my sewing room is almost done, hopefully i will be able to put up some projects i have been working on soon!
sorry this is a crappy post, maybe tomorrow will be better!

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BebeJourney said...

non photo blogs are just as important!
in the beginning of my preggo-ness, i hated taking photos, not cause i thought i was fat, just cause i was so tired! getting the camera out, then setting it up, then hooking up the cord, downloading, resizing, etc.
it sucks!
please keep up with the blogging! we all love it! and i swear you will love to look back on it!
love annie