Friday, May 23, 2008

energy much?

so today i have been on a roll, i cleaned the house, have the laundry in and now am starting some peanut butter cookies. if i remember to take them i will put pictures up later.

my mom is moving 20 minutes closer to me, she got approved to buy my great-grandma's house, which is great because it has a pool!
she also said she would host my baby shower, so we will have a pool for the shower too!!! yay!
its going to be in august, HOT.

the little one is wiggling around pretty regularly, definitly easier to feel now. seems to move more when i talk, maybe i wake em up?

also decided to stop blogging on IAM today, thought about it lots and figured it would be for the best.

thats about it for now, going to go make cookies!!!!

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