Thursday, April 23, 2009

crazy life

Zoey has started crawling forward, and fast! I cant seem to ever get enough time to update this thing so sorry to anyone who checks in on me, i promise we are still alive!

here she is using her mad crawling skills

when she was an itty bitty
my nutjob sister
we went to the beach! she loves the sand,
i think she likes the way it tastes, all she wanted to do was eat it!

daddy loves her so much!

Since she has started crawling, she hasnt been sleeping well. Coupled with the heat wave we had, we were pretty miserable for the last few days.
Hopefully tonight will be a good sleep night, 20 minute intervals are not pleasant.
Oh yeah, we got a dining room table and hopefully will have a high chair for her soon. if anyone has a good wood high chair they want to donate to us, let me know, we would really appreciate it!
This house is slowly coming back together after the disaster of building the shop. Its weird when 3/4 of the stuff in your house leaves, its been 8 months and i am still spinning.

my sister just got a sewing machine, so i am teaching her how to use it, thats really fun! and now we are getting ready for our month long road trip we have been planning for a while. heading to ohio then down to georgia and through texas on the way back.

lots of love
danielle and zoey!


Annie Mess said...

I LOVE all the photos and the new layout! Too cute!
love annie

Rachel said...

Ohio? Where? If you find yourself up in Cleveland and want to have lunch or something with a friendly face, let me know!