Monday, March 9, 2009

a whole month!?!??! really?!?!?!?

 holy crap, life is whizzing by and all i can do is hold on!
its been a whole month! since i updated. i dont know how that happened at all.
Zoey is doing great, she is working on getting an army crawl going, not getting far but she spins in circles really well now.
she has two more teeth that have moved down toward her gums. no teeth have popped through yet but she has 6 teeth close to the surface now and boy are they causing a bit of hell.
her sleep is all sorts of messed up, she had an awful time last night. she is taking a nice long nap now though so thats good.
she is sitting up with just a small amount of support now and has much better balance than last month.
she has started to giggle when she laughs now and that is so awesome! she loves to go upside down and just laughs and laughs and laughs when i do it to her.
she also loves the abc's and her bug book.

i have started working on getting our front yard ready for planting, and my wonderful father got the sprinkler system functioning properly again.
hopefully the grass will turn green again.

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