Saturday, October 25, 2008

38 WEEKS?!?!!!

how the hell did that happen? i haven't been on here longer than i thought, time has slipped away lately between crazy insomnia inspired nesting and catnaps to recover. i haven't taken a belly picture in forever, always putting it off for tomorrow when i am going to clean the bedroom mirror. i guess i have to get my birth supplies all ready as well and the bed made up for the birth.
we got the liner for the birth pool today, so we can get that set up as well, so exciting and slightly unnerving all at once!
i feel like this baby is 10 pounds tonight, sometimes i hardly notice the belly, but tonight this little one is definitely making its presence known.
my pre-labor has gotten more intense over the last two weeks, making nights nearly impossible to sleep through and making me anxious for the real thing to start soon so i can be done with all this pressure and discomfort. though i know new issues will come with the next stage as well.

the last week has been spent de-flea-ing the cats, poor things... hadn't even thought about shawns cats bringing in the damned awful insects, but i guess its par for having cats. so now i feel bad because they had to get frontline because of how ruthless the little bastards were. 2 baths and lavender spray later, i hadn't even put a dent into the population, so it was time to bring out the big guns. i hate having to put poison on my little babies!

right now i am hoping not to go post-dates, but it changes day to day. sometimes i feel like it would be really nice to have the extra time (those are the more comfortable days) some days i want this baby out now, like in the next 5 minutes now (usually this thought is followed by an emergency chiropractor trip). today i feel like i would be ok to go to 40 weeks, but might kill someone if i go a day over, so right in between i guess.

yeah, thats it for now, maybe i'll clean my mirror tonight so i can take a picture.


Annie Mess said...

oh i am just soooo excited to see you little one!
do you have names picked out yet?
love annie

Anonymous said...

I was getting a little worried because it had been so long since you posted. Good luck with the birth.