Thursday, September 11, 2008

giving up convenient transportation

so today craig promised to give back the rental, its just so expensive and we really dont need a car much right now. we especially dont need a $1000 bill for a car worth $0.28.
so looks like i will be going back to shopping at the grocery store a block from my house and going to the farmers market once a week. (not a bad thing, i just got spoiled with being able to cruise down to the store whenever i wanted)

i think i am going to go to the farmers market today, although the one over here by my house is pretty small and lame. i wonder if the hillcrest one is better?

i now am unable to sleep at night, it seems i dont get any real sleep until after 6 am, and i got about 8,000 phone calls this morning starting at 9am. so i'm a little tired today.

maybe getting out and walking around will help, its worth a try.

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Siobhan said...

Pictures have been posted! I loved the ones of yours in the sling and the stroller/carseat. Does one of yours have an eye problem? (it looked crusty in one of the pics). One of my guys used to have an eye issue (herpes virus), but we got it all cleared up. Mine also sit like people, which I noticed yours do.